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What do the Best Golfers in the World Have that You Don't?

They have their own personal launch monitor that they use year-round, anytime they want, any day or any night. They are able to analyze every shot, discover their strengths, and find areas needing improvement.

Double Eagle Indoor Golf does not sell clubs or do club fittings. We do not serve food or alcohol. We do one thing, and we do that one thing very well. We provide our members a low cost, convenient, private, safe, and comfortable place to improve their game. Members can take those improvements to the course, whether it's an actual course or one of our virtual courses, and apply what they have learned.

Practice in Private          Perform in Public

We are more than just improving your game. Members can play a countless number of courses, play by themselves or with friends in our facility, or play online with other golfers around the world. 

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