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Ask Away!


How do I join?

Go to our membership page and provide your contact information. One of our associates will be in contact with you to set up an orientation where you will be given the opportunity to see our facility and try out our equipment. Once you like your experience, which we are confident you will, you will be given the opportunity to join.

Who can play?

Double Eagle Indoor Golf is a members only facility. Only members and guests of members are allowed to play at the facility.

What are the benefits of joining?

When you become a member of Double Eagle Indoor Golf, you will be given access to the facility. You will be able to come any time you like and as often as you like. You will have access to the golf simulators which allow you to work on specific aspects of your game and play courses from around the world.  You can play these courses alone, with another member or guest, or online with players anywhere in the world.

Do I have to join or can I just come pay to play?

Double Eagle Indoor Golf is a members only facility. If you would like to try it out, please get in touch with us  and we can arrange an orientation for you at no charge.

Can I bring guests?

Yes.  Each member is allowed to bring one guest each time they reserve a hitting bay.  However, each guest is only allowed to play once per week.

Do I have to bring my own clubs?

You will need to bring your own clubs to Double Eagle Indoor Golf. However, you will use our balls and we have automatic tees for your convenience.  Perhaps leave your golf cart at home though.

What software/hardware do you use?

Double Eagle Indoor Golf uses the Uneekor Eye XO launch monitor to track your shots. This is then passed on to either the Uneekor software or The Golf Club (TGC) if you are playing one of the 150,000+ courses.  In two hitting bays there is an automatic tee which will provide you with a new ball after each shot.  The left-handed does not have this automatic tee.  

How often can I come play?

With our Premier Membership you will be able to come play as often as you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   With the Lunch BreakAWAY membership you can play during the lunch hour, three times per week.  With all of our other memberships you can play when you have a reservation, and you can add additional reservations for a nominal fee.  

Do you have lessons or golf instruction?

Leonard Hermosillo, with over 35 years of experience providing golf instruction conducts a group clinic once per week.  These clinics are provided to our members at no additional cost.  They are included with your membership fee.  Leonard is also available for one-on-one instruction for a very reasonable hourly cost.  If you have an instructor you are currently working with you can bring him/her in under our guest policy and use the facility and stimulators with your current professional.  

Do you sell equipment? Fit clubs?


After I have paid my initiation and membership fee, how much does it cost to come in and play?

Membership fees are all inclusive. There are no additional costs or fees to utilize the facility.  

I'm left handed, will your equipment work for me?

We have seven hitting bays that accommodate right-handed players and one hitting bay for both right and left-handed players.  The left-handed bay will also accommodate players in wheelchairs.      

What hours are you open?

For members, Double Eagle Indoor Golf is open at all times, day or night. Orientations for prospective members will be scheduled on an as needed basis.

Do you serve food? Have a bar?


Can my friend use my membership?

We do not allow sharing of memberships, but you can bring your friend as a guest when you have a reserved hitting bay.

Can I bring my family with me?

Family members under the age of 18 are welcome with the member at any time and the one guest visit per week does not apply to them. Children must be supervised at all times to ensure their safety and an enjoyable experience of the other members.  Family members over the age of 18 can come as a standard guest or can purchase a membership.

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